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Connection to the ESB

The following information is the guideline from ESB

Building Your Own Home. How to Get Connected

You have made the decision to build your own home. The site has been selected and the plans drawn up. Follow this step-by-step guide to get your new home connected to the electricity network. Please apply online or Alternatively, please follow the step by step guide below. Note: If your new home is part of a housing scheme development, your builder will have already made an application for an electricity connection.
Note: This process also applies to farmers who wish to connect a load of less than 30 Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA), (sometimes referred to as 30 Kilowatts).

Step 1: Get Planning Permission Ensure you have obtained full planning permission for your new home from your local authority. We cannot proceed unless this has been obtained.

Step 2: Get an Application Form Complete the ESB Networks Application Form number NC2.
Download the Application Form NC2 (PDF | 748KB) or CallSave 1850 372 757 to request a copy.

Step 3(a): Get an Ordnance Survey Map

Step 3(b): Get a Site Plan Obtain an Ordnance Survey map (scale 1:2500-1:10560) that shows the location of your new home. Mark the location of your new home with a red pen.
Obtain a detailed site plan (scale 1:100-1:500) showing your new home.
You should be able to get both of the above from your builder or architect. Photocopies are acceptable.

Step 4: Check Your Site Check your site to see if any overhead electricity lines are crossing it If so, you must contact ESB Networks on CallSave 1850 372 757 to get them moved.How to get an overhead electricity line moved

Step 5: Return the Application Form Send the completed Application Form NC2, the Ordnance Survey map and the site plan in a single envelope to the following address:
ESB Network Services Bureau,
PO Box 29, Garrycastle, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland  

Step 6: Receive a Quotation When we receive the Application Form (and site maps/plans) we will prepare a written quotation, including terms & conditions for connection.

This pack will include:

See a list of all ESB Networks' charges.

Quotations for Houses in a Rural Area over 500 metres from the Medium Voltage Electricity Network

If your new house is in a rural area and is within 500m distance of the Medium Voltage network, we normally do not need to visit the site in order to prepare a quotation.

In this case, we will issue a quotation within 7 working days of receiving your completed application.

Quotations for Houses in a Rural Area over 500 metres from the Medium Voltage Electricity Network

For a new house in a rural area that is a distance more than 500m from our Medium Voltage network, an ESB Networks' Designer will need to carry out a site inspection to assess the network and prepare a costing. We normally send you a quotation within 15 working days of receiving your completed application.

Quotations for Houses in an Urban or Suburban Location

If your site is within an urban area, a site visit is generally not required if the new connection point is within 50m distance of our Low Voltage network.

Note: Charges for a standard 12kVA connection within 500 metres (rural) or 50 metres (urban) distance are set out in the document ESB Networks Ltd. Statement of Charges.

Charges for connections outside these distances will be established based on a site visit.  

Step 7: Return Payment Once you have received a quotation, you must post your payment (in the envelope provided) to: ESB Network Services Bureau,  Garrycastle,  Athlone, Co. Westmeath.

Cheque, postal order and bank drafts are acceptable. (No cash).

Once payment has been received, a detailed design will be carried out and the necessary permissions and wayleaves will be sought from landowners.

Only when these permissions have been received can construction of your connection commence.

Please be aware that in some cases it may be necessary for ESB Networks to erect a new pole on your site within 50 metres of the outdoor meter cabinet at your new house.

Step 8: Complete the Connection If no significant extra work is required, we will generally complete your connection within 12 weeks after payment has been received.

In order to achieve this target, the following 2 things must take place:

  1. Your E.T.C.I. Certificate will be provided by your electrical contractor on completion of the wiring of your new house. A notification of this validated wiring certificate from your contractor's regulatory body must be received electronically by ESB Networks at least two weeks before the end of this 12 week period.
  2. You must contact ESB Networks at least two weeks before the end of this 12 week period to submit the Duct Completion Certificate which will confirm that the earth trench and outdoor meter cabinet has been provided for the electricity meters as per our ESB Networks' specification (PDF | 131KB). To Contact Us call 1850 372 757.  

Step 9: Go Live! Once all of the above requirements have been met, your new connection can be made live.

Your electrical contractor is then responsible for making the power live in your new home once the new connection has been completed by ESB Networks. The electrical contractor will be informed by text message when the power is live, provided a mobile phone number has been supplied on the application form.

Remember, you must make a separate application to an electricity supplier in order to make sure electricity is available.
View a list of all electricity suppliers on the CER web site.

Got a question, query or complaint? Contact our Customer Service Team.
Call: 1850 372 757  ,   Email:   ,  Emergencies: 1850 372 999

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