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Specification for Standard Non-Scheme Domestic Underground Service to an Outdoor Meter Cabinet (low-voltage service not exceeding 50m) from an Overhead Network

The Customer must ensure that:


It is essential that the ESB cable does not come into contact with the cavity insulation. Allow a projection of 25mm of the hockey stick into the base of the cabinet.

There must be a minimum clearance of 100mm between the service duct and other services on the house-holder’s property.

ESB will provide black UV light-resistant ducting from below the finished ground level to the top of the service pole.

For poles more than 50m away from the cabinet, 125mm red ESB approved ducting shall be used with an ESB approved service vault at the junction of the duct and the hockey stick.

Connection will only be made after all above requirements are meet.

Red ESB approved 50mm Solid wall MDPE duct @ 600mm min. depth below (F.G.L.)

ESB yellow warning tape at max. depth of 300mm below finished ground level (F.G.L.)

Duct end sealed with plastic wrapped adhesive tape



To get further details, please click on the following link:

ESB Meter Box Installation

The following information is from ESB website :