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Existing Poles and Lines on Site

The following information is from ESB website :

In some circumstances you may wish to ask us to move an electricity pole or an overhead electricity line. This may arise if:

How to move an electricity line or pole

To arrange for an electricity line or pole to be moved, follow these steps:

Step 1

Call the ESB Networks Contact Centre to get the address of the ESB Networks office which will deal with the request.

Call 1850 372 757

Step 2

Obtain an Ordnance Survey map (scale 1:2500-1:10560) that shows the location your site.

Obtain a detailed site plan (scale 1:100-1:500) showing the layout of the new, plus any existing, building. Mark the location of the line or pole with a red pen.

Photocopies are acceptable.

Step 3

 Write to the ESB Networks' office (enclosing the map and site plan) to ask that the line or pole be moved.

Note: In cases where you are constructing a new house, a new building or an extension to an existing house, you must also enclose details of your planning permission.