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Finding Contractors

During the process of building your home you will have the pleasure of finding the right professionals to do the work for you. Whether you are looking for an architect or engineer, or a building contractor, or a plumber, or an electrician or,or,or and the list goes on, there are a few things that you will have to consider.

As of 1st of March 2014, there is an amendment for building control that will effect you as a self builder:
Building Control ( Amendment) Regulations SI 80, 2013

Always try and do business with the people that have been recommended to you through a satisfied job done or someone that can show you their previous work.

Always check the qualifications of the person you are employing and make sure that they are experienced for the field that they are being employed to deal with. For example, do not employ an agriculture engineer to do the job of a construction engineer.

Make sure that you have a proper and legal contract is done and specify exactly on what is required of them by you and the agreed fee. Spend extra time and go through everything that you require otherwise you will find that it might cost you in the future if it was not as part of the initial agreement.

In the contract to specify the timetable for doing the job, but do consider the reasonable delay due to severe bad weather or unforeseen circumstances

Always pay contractors on time as agreed with them, do remember this is their living and they have to pay their bills too.

An unhappy workman would not do a very happy job for you.

The most important thing you need to do is to check and make sure that they have liability insurance for their work incase something does go wrong and that they are covered by their own insurance for Health & Safety on the site.

Make sure that they are registered through organisations like HomeBond or similar. Do remember, just because you see the name of the organisation on the van it does not mean that they are members.

1- Finding A Site 2- Ground Condition 3- Designing Your Home 4- Planning Permission 5- Finding Contractors 6- Site Clearance 7- Foundations
8- Base Structure 9- Drains & Pipes 10- DPC & Radon 11- Ground Floor 12- Wall Structure 13- Cills & Lintels 14- Second Floor
22- Second Fixes 23- Snag List 24- Decorating 25- Moving Water Connection ESB Connection Eircom Connection
15- Roof Structure 16- Chasing 17- Doors & Windows 18- External Wall Finishes 19- First Fixes 20- Interior Joinery 21- Interior Plastering

Site Insurance for New Buildings and Extensions

Frost Insurance’s Self build site insurance ensures you are covered for almost any eventuality and provides you with financial compensation in the event of a loss and peace of mind.

Tel: 01 8328921

Frost Insurances Ltd
t/a Frost Insurances, Frost Underwriting is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland