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Air Conditioning

What is Air Conditioning and why do you need it?

Air conditioning refers to the cooling and dehumidification of indoor air in an area and an air conditioning system refers to a unit that helps with the cooling of that area by stabeising the air temperature and humidity.

In the recent years due to global warming, the weather system has been changing around the world and we have found a warmer level of humid air in Ireland. It is strange to find that on certain days during the past year, we have had a warmer air that California for the time of the year.

More and more companies are producing mini or portable air conditioning units to help with the cooling of our houses and due to the competition the price of these units are coming down.

While these units can help a bit with the cooling, they are only designed to release cool air in a very small area and are not usually suitable for a big room or a whole house. There are however companies on the market that can fit you a complete system to help you with thermal comfort and also humidity and air quality.

The latest technology allows you to control the temperature of every room through electronic panel’s on the wall or even from the comfort of your settee via a remote control.

There are varies methods of having these systems installed in your house and you should consider the method at your planning stages.

Please Note: The videos above are just to give you some ideas and all the contents included may not relate to your individual project.