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You spend approximately a third of your life in them, but when you where designing your house did you take into consideration the decoration needs. Did you work out where you would like to put your bed, your storage space, your TV and so on. Did you design it in a way that should you get tired of the position of the bed you are able to move it within the room and not lose any of the character of the room. You need to have your plans for this room so that you can work out if what you need will fit in there. You will need a bed but have you left enough space for all your needs. If in doubt, go to professionals and ask their advice and see what options they have available to you.

Beds: The standard size bed is only 4 feet and 6 in wide and 6 feet long. If this is a bit on the small size a King size bed is 5 feet wide and 6 feet and 6 in long. If you like your comfort a Queen size bed is 6 feet long and 6 feet 6 in long, these are standard double beds Single beds vary in width and length as do bunk beds. Once you have decided what size bed you are having in you room you have to decide if you are going to have a draw divan and if so there are lots of choice. You must bare in mind that if you go for a draw divan there must be enough room on either side to open the draws including room for the person to stand who is opening them. Ask the professionals about the quality and the size of the beds available that would suit your needs.

Storage Space: How much storage space do you need? Do you want built in units or free standing? Do you want a laundry basket in this room or a built in box to hide dirty laundry in? Do you need to store sheets, blankets and towel in this area? Do you need an area to sit or apply makeup? Do you need to keep personal toiletries to your room? Will you be needing draws as well as handing space? Where will you keep you shoes? Where will you put the clock? Where you planning on putting a television or music center in your room? All of these questions need to be answered and built into your design. If you do not know what is the best answers to the above questions, ask the professionals and get their advice.

Floor Covering: Floor covering here needs to be hard wearing as there is a chance you will move your room around a few times before you are happy with it.

Soft Furnishings: It is the soft furnishings that you use in this room that adds a personal touch. If there are to be two adults in this room then do bare this in mind and try not to make a man sleep in a room full of flower patterns as it can affect sleep. Your room needs to be comfortable for both parties so it is best to stick with natural colours.

Pictures: If you choose to have pictures in your room make sure the colour’s are relaxing and try to keep with calming scene as this can help you sleep. Do make sure that you do not place any frames or units above you head incase they fall down in the night.

Children: If you have or are planning to have children they might want to stay in your room until they are at least three years old so, you should plan on where their bed will be placed within your room. Have you allowed storage space in your design for them? Children need far more space than we do. Do not forget the changing unit in your room if you have space for one?

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