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Choosing the right colour scheme for your home is very important to your sense of comfort and well being. As individuals we all have a different taste to what we like and what we do not, what relaxes us and what effects us psychologically, and that’s where choosing the right colours for your living environment could make a big difference.

Before you make any plans for the decoration of your house interior or exterior you must ask yourself a few questions:

  1. How much sun light comes into the room and what effect does it have on the walls and the inner space?
  2. As far as the exterior, what is the aspect of the house, which direction is it facing and what effect would the sun light make on the building throughout the day?
  3. How big are the rooms, remember if you have not got very big rooms you have to make sure that the colours you choose do not make the space any smaller?
  4. What kind of joinery or special features are you going to use in the house and would the colour you choose make a good match with them?
  5. Think about the floor, are you going to choose wood effect, tiles or carpets and what effect would their colour make to the room?

We all have different ideas as far as what are contrasting colours and what colours make good compatible match, therefore no one can tell you what is right and what is not but as rule there are few general guide that is followed.

For example, experts would always recommends natural colours as they are bright, have a good effect with natural sun light and overall make the rooms look more spacious and make us feel comfortable.