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Types of Construction

Cordwood construction

Cordwood construction uses short, round lengths of wood similar to what we would consider firewood lengths (18 to 24 inches). This makes this method of building very resource efficient, as the wood might not have any other value.

The logs are laid at 90 degree angles to the footer to which a course of mortar runs parallel to the footer at each end of the log, leaving the middle uncovered. Sawdust to used to fill the spaces between the mortar runs and the next row of logs is laid on top.

This type of building produces a structure that both insulates from the wood part of the construction and has thermal mass that comes from the masonry mortar that is used to cement the logs together.

The resulting structure looks rustic and has a beauty of its own. The outside looks similar to pebbles laid in cement but shows all the layers of natural wood.

Cordwood construction is very versatile and can be used to make a building just for a sauna, to a full size house with windows and doors or is a great way to build the children an inexpensive play house.