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Dining Room

Not every home has a dining room but if yours does you can make it a very special place. Once again budget is important and remember what you want and what you need is not always the same.

Table and Chairs: The design of your table and chairs are what makes this room special. Does you family come and go? If so then a table that is extendable might be worth a consideration. If you tend to sit and talk around the table even after food is finished then make yourselves more comfortable with better quality chairs. The material that your dining room furniture is made of is just as important as the design. If you do have the money you could always employ a carpenter to make you a set to your own requirements, which is bound to be a talking piece for many years to come.

Soft Furnishings: This is where you can make even old table and chairs look good. It is very modern now to cover dining room chairs from top to bottom in a loose cover. This allows you to do a make over on not so good looking furnishings.

There are different styles of table clothes that can be used. If you have a new table then you might only want to use table mats to protect the surface. Curtains and blinds should be used to inherent any other colours that you are using.

Storage Space: Do you need storage space in this room? Think about a display cabinet for all of those special plates and some where to put the best cutlery. There are lots of things that we use on the table like candles and coasters, so do you need to keep them in that room?, if so you need to make space for this so allow for this in your design and budget.

Floor Coverings : There is a large choice of floor coverings that can be used in this room. If you have under floor heating have you thought about using a well designed tile for here? Although it would be cold under foot with out under floor heating with it , it would look lovely. A wooden floor with a nice rug would go even with out the under floor heating.

Fireplace: A fireplace in here adds an old world charm and is just the thing if your room is big enough to place a small couch for a quite area for two.

Tip: If small children are running around then a round or oval table might be better as there are no sharp corners to bang heads on.

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