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Design & Planning

Building Regulations and Disability

The Department of Environment and Local Government has published amendments to the Building Regulations 1997 and a revised edition of the associated Technical Guidance Document to Part M of the regulations which is Access for People with Disabilities.

The new requirements of Part M as far as a dwelling house are to make sure that the dwelling are accessible for people with disabilities.

Part M of the regulations apply to all works commencing after 1st of January 2001 and implies that all dwellings should be designed and built so that:

Approaching a dwelling:

Access to the building:

A WC at entry level:

Circulation within the property:

Min clear opening of the doors

Min unobstructed corridor width

75 cm

120 cm or 90 cm if approached head on

77.5 cm

105 cm or 90 cm if approached head on

80 cm

90 cm

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