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Grants are available to eligible applicants for undertaking the following works, in accordance with the requirements contractor Code of Practice Technical Specification.

Energy Efficient Works  Incentive

Insulation Attic Insulation €300

Wall Insulation - Cavity €300

Wall Insulation - Internal Dry Lining  

Apartment (any) OR Mid- terrace House €1200

Semi-detached or End of Terrace €1,800

Detached House €2,400

Wall Insulation - External  

Apartment (any) OR Mid- terrace House €2,250

Semi-detached or End of Terrace €3,400

Detached House €4,500


Heating System Heating Controls with Boiler (Oil or Gas) Upgrade. €700

Heating Controls Upgrade only €600

Solar Heating €1200

Bonus            for 3rd measure   €300
                        for 4th measure  €100

Building Energy Rating (BER)  €50**

*Cash Grants are set value unless expenditure is below the set value, in which case the actual expenditure will be reimbursed.

**A Building Energy Rating (BER) is an integral part of all grant applications under the Better Energy Homes scheme,

whereby homeowners must undertake a BER on their home after grant aided works have been completed. A homeowner is entitled to BER funding of €50 once per home. This funding will be applied to your grant application automatically provided you have never applied previously for BER funding. You will be informed during the online grant application process if BER funding is available for your home or as part of your Letter of Grant Offer if you have applied through the post. It is advisable that you apply for and undertake all planned grant aided works at the same time to minimise the costs of multiple BER assessments.

*** From December 8th 2011 internal and external wall insulation grants will no longer be one single amount, but rather be based upon the house type.

Please note the minimum grant amount for the first application must be €400. A BER grant, where applicable, does not count towards the €400 minimum.

In the instance where a Contractor is completing works within his own home then only the cost of materials will be deemed qualifying expenditure.

Grants are claimed after the measures are completed and the contractor has been paid by or entered a financing agreement with the homeowner.


Solar Geothermal H.R.V Wind Air Wood Pellet Glass B.E.R Grants