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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Regulation - Construction - Homeowners FAQ

Construction work is very dangerous and every precaution should be taken to insure the safety of everyone involved in your project. Before you start your project you must do a safety plan to cover every potential danger that could come up during your build. The following is a guide to the kind of things you should be looking at;

The first thing you should make sure of is that all the professional doing jobs on your build have all their safety requirements and they are fully insured against public liability. At the end of the day you do not want it to come back on you if someone else has not taken the right precaution’s.


Scaffolding is used in construction as a safe platform for working at heights. However, if the scaffolding is not set up properly not only it does not do the job it is designed to do, it could be a hazard itself to anyone around. So, you have to make sure that the whole structure is sound and you should take the following things into consideration:


There is always a possibility of collapse of the sides in any excavation with danger of people being buried underneath so you have to make sure that if your build requires deep excavation, every precaution is taken to secure the sides from collapsing.


Always use a qualified and registered electrician to do the work on your project. Do remember, if they are not registered with the ESB, they can not give you the final cert which is required for your connection to the mains.


Rubble around the house:

Other safety Tips:

For further information visit:


Health and Safety Authority on

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