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Life Assurance Policy

Life assurance is a contract between the policy owner and a insurance company, where the insurance company agrees to pay a sum of money upon the occurrence of the insured individual's or individuals' death

This amount is usually paid to the beneficiary of the policy.

This is also the kind of policy that is required by lending institutes to cover them against loss of the money borrowed by you incase of death.

There are different types of Life assurance’s and you should make sure that you get advice from a proffessional in this field as far as the type of policy that would meet your requirements.

A life assurance policy for a mortgage is called a term policy which covers you for the term of the mortgage and it usually has no value at the end of the term of the policy. These types of policy are also the cheapest way of getting protection for the sum assured that you need.

If you wish to go for a whole of life policy or the kind of policy that would give you a return after a certain term, be prepared to layout a much higher premium.

Please do not forget to take a policy as you do not wish to leave your dependants with the burden of having to deal with debts incase something happens to you.

Do shop around for the best policy and remember that not everything that looks cheap is the best option available to you.

Always read the small print.

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Self Build Insurance

Full Employers
Public Liability and All Risks cover for New Builds,
Extensions and Renovations

Cover can be taken at
any stage of the project
Very competitive premiums.

Phone 01 897 01 05

Fingal Insurance Group DAC is Regulated by The
Central Bank of Ireland

Are you building your own home?

Make sure you are properly insured. Give Self Build Direct a call. We are the leaders in self build insurance with a dedicated and professional team of experts. Reduce your insurance costs and get the right cover.

Arachas Corporate Brokers Limited trading as Arachas is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland