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Lights in the home - During the day time the placing of your windows should have been designed to allow the maximum amount of light into the areas where needed but night time is a different matter.

No body likes to be fumbling a round in the dark looking for a light switch only to find when it is switched on its not the one they wanted. That is why when you self build you must think and design your lighting system to your own needs.

Ask yourself questions about each room.

These are just a few of the questions that you must be asking yourself.

There are so many different designs that you need to choose carefully as you don’t want old style light in a modern style home or modern lights against an old style back ground.

Firstly think about your new home, what would be your needs and requirements. Then go to your local light specialist get as much information and details from them as you can. Consider what has been advised to you, then make up your mind about what style suits you best and shop around for the best deal.

When planning your new lighting system think about the kitchen, lights under wall units or inside glass fronted doors can add a new dimension to that room. You don’t have to stick with just ceiling lights, in a cosy room wall lights can be quite an attractive feature.

Lights Outside - Outside lighting can often be over looked on the design of your new house. Not everyone who is self building are in a well lit area, so think about having to light your way into your new home and be able to see all around at night. Is security a factor that you need to incorporate? If it is, think abour PIR sensored lights that come on as soon as they detect a movement or body heat.

Make sure that you put enough security lights all around to cover all aspects of the house. It is also a good idea to position some sensored lights by the doors of the house and the drive. These lights would only come on when body heat is detected and they stay on until the there is no longer anyone present in front of them. They will automatically switch off after a few seconds following the last detection.

Outside lights can be very attractive, positioned right they can show off the beauty of your property. Do try to put some lights around your garden features like special flower arrangements or trees. These days, there are a lot of options available to you at your local light centers.