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Ireland’s Number One Website For Building A House

Welcome to Irish Association of Self Builders, Ireland‘s largest construction web site where you can find information on self building and house construction including the latest innovations, products and services available to you for your self build project.

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A blog to debate the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (BCAR)



Room Acoustics

Thermal Insulation

Mark Stephens Architects

Self Build Direct is the leading insurance policy offering protection to individuals building or extending their homes.

Our cover leads the market and has been developed after assisting 1,000's of self builders over the last 20 years.

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Arachas Corporate Brokers Limited trading as Arachas is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland

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Self Build Insurance

Full Employers, Public Liability and All Risks cover for New Builds, Extensions and Renovations Cover can be taken at any stage of the project. Very competitive premiums

Fingal Insurance Group Ltd is Regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland.

Abbey Marble & Granite Ltd supplies and installs custom made Granite, Marble and Quartz kitchen countertops, bathrooms and Stairs.

We guarantee quality, reliability and a top class customer service.

We provide a total service package for clients, extending from design, initial planning, through to construction and fit-out. After completion and commissioning, we can arrange and supply a comprehensive maintenance management service.

Phone 01 897 01 05

Planning Permissions

Planning Application. More....
Planning refused? Appeal Process.
Guidelines for Planning Authorities. More….
Site Characterisation Form. More….

Building Regulations in Ireland

Building Control Regulations 1997 - 2015. More….
Building Control Regulation S.I.9 of 2014. More….
Building Control  Regulations
SI. 365 of 2015 More….
Declaration of Intention to Opt Out of Statutory Certification S.I.9 of 2014. More….

Ireland’s Largest Project Management, Design & Energy Specialists

Renewable Energy

What kind of renewable energy technology is available to you as a self builder? More.…
The Home Energy Saving (HES) scheme grant. More.…

Building Energy Ratings (BER)

Solar Panels


Heat Ventilation Recovery (HRV)

Wind Energy

Wood Pellet Stoves

Why Self Build

You are going to own a new home and it is time to decide on whether you should buy an already built property or go for your dream and build a house that matches perfectly with all your needs and requirements. More….

Aqua Treatment’s aim is to provide solutions to all water problems both for the domestic and industrial markets. We offer an extensive line of products for the most efficient and cost effective treatment of water, for many kinds of water problems.

Health & Safety

Construction work is very dangerous and every precaution should be taken to insure the safety of everyone involved in your project. Before you start your project you must ..... More....

Health & Safety Regulation
Site Safety

Fire Safety
Home Security
Flood Protection

Cost of house construction

Owning a house is the biggest investment that most of us make in our lives, so we need to make sure that before we leap into the construction of our dream home we have some sort of idea about how much our project will cost to complete More...

Types of house constructions

What types of construction are available to you to build your house. More.…

Concrete Homes

Timber Framed Homes

Insulating Concrete Forwork (ICF)

Cob Construction

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP)

Log Houses

Steel Framed Structures

Straw Bale Homes

Landscape & Gardening

This area can work out from a few hundred Euro’s to many thousands. Landscaping is down to your individual
preference. You can either take it
Outdoor Living - Planning the perfect summer garden.....
How green do you grow? .....
Gardening in small spaces.....More....

Insulating your home

What types of insulations are available to you and what are the Building Control requirements. More….

The Benefits of Natural Thermal and Acoustic Insulation

Hofatex Wood Fibre thermal insulation is made from renewable and sustainable softwood  More….

Danger of Radon Gas in your home

The greatest health risk from radiation in Ireland is caused by radon. It accounts for 56 per cent of the total radiation dose received by the Irish population. Between 150 and 200 lung cancer deaths in Ireland  More….

Radon Maps

Home Networking

Home Networking, put simply, is the facility to have all of your homes’ multimedia services, such as TV, Satellite, DVD, More ….

Home Automation
Home Automation, or scaleable power is the ability to better and more efficiently control all of the electrical equipment in ones home. More….

Septic Tank Regulation

All you need to know about Domestic Wastewater Treatment Systems Registration. More.....

Using Feng Shui in your design

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of creating harmony and balance in the home and office environment.. Feng Shui means ..... More..

Mark Stephens Architects

Carlow Cornice & Mouldings supplies and fits Cornice, Centrepieces, all types of decorative plaster and fibrous cement mouldings all over Ireland to the highest standard. Highly qualified in restoration in listed buildings. 

Floor coverings
Home Security



Tiles & Stones
Windows and Doors

Quick Links

Protecting your investment

Insurance is one of those area’s that self builders should always include in their budget. This should be the most important part of your project as it is needed to protect your investment. More.…

Self Build Insurance
Public Liability Insurance
Life Assurance
Building & Contents Insurance

Building Stages

What are the stages for building your house and what kind of things to expect during the build. More….


Water Connection

Connection to the ESB
Connection to Eircom

Legal & Finance

The legal process. More….
Legal Requirements. More….
Finances. More….
Insurance & Contracts. More….

Design Process

Turning a vision into a reality. More….
Building Routes. More….
Interior Design. More….

Flood Protection

The Planning System and Flood Risk Management Guidelines

Building Regulations
BC( A )R S.I.9 & BC( A )R S.I.365

Planning Permission Ireland

Ventilation Basics Series,
why we need ventilation

Ideas for Gardens Designs

Tools & Machinery

What tools and machinery are available to you to be used on your project. More….