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Living Room

The good thing about decorating your house is that you decide on what colours or material you like to use, so there is no set rule as what is right and what is wrong as long as you are happy with it.

However, there are a few things that you need to consider that might make things better with your design.

The first thing is look at this room and work out its function. Is it going to be a formal sitting area or is it going to be a place for the whole family to gather around and for the children to be children ( toys everywhere, items of clothing left behind and so on ). This is important because you need to work out what you need in this room as far as furniture and flooring.

Next comes the aspect of the room and how much natural light is available through the windows and doors. This could effect the choice of colours you have chosen for the walls and ceiling. Remember that if you have not got enough natural light, you then need to go for brighter colours as it would make the room look and feel bigger. When it comes to choosing the colour, get little samples and paint them on the wall next to each other and see the effect the light has on them.

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Look at your options as far as flooring. There is huge variations and options available to you. Anything from natural wooden floors to different types of carpets. You again have to take into account the use of this room. For example, if you have small children you then need to think about spillage and cleaning stains. There is no point spending a lot of money to be ruined by stains. Do consider laminate floorings or special coated carpets.

This also applies to your seating, with the option of leather suits. Leather is very easy to keep clean and with all the new companies moving to Ireland, there is a huge choice at very good prices. There was a time that leather sitting used to be only for the rich but now it is available to all at a reasonable cost.

And finally, it would be a good idea to have a center point in this room. As it is a living room, a nice fireplace would achieve this.