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Planning Permission Local Planning Departments Do you need Planning Permission? Site Characterisation form Planning refused - Making an appeal

What is required when applying for the planning permission

1) Six copies of the application form, fully completed and signed.

2) Six copies of 6” Ordnance Survey map, scale 1:10560, indicating location of the site. All applications must be original Ordnance Survey maps carrying a red stamp or stamped with a license number from the Ordnance Survey Office. The number of the Ordnance map and North point should be clearly indicated thereon.

3) Six copies of 25” Ordnance Survey map, scale 1:2500, with site boundaries outlined in Red. Adjacent land in applicants control must be outlined in Blue and way leaves in Yellow. The North point and the number of the Ordnance map should be clearly indicated thereon. All maps must be original Ordnance Survey maps carrying a red stamp or stamped with a license number from the Ordnance Survey Office.

4) Six copies of Site Layout Plan, scale 1:500, with the site outlined in Red, with the North point showing, also showing the levels or contours where applicable. The position of the site notice affixed to the land or structure must also be shown on the Site Layout Plan or on a separate original map.

5) Six copies of detailed structural drawings, specifications, etc. of the proposed development. These drawings shall be clearly scaled and dimensioned, must be metric scale of not less than 1:200 and must indicate the North point. The proposed development should be clearly marked or coloured to distinguish from the existing development. (Not required for Outline Planning Permission).

6) Six copies of a schedule listing the plans, drawings and maps described in 2-5 above.

7) Public Notices: The original page of newspaper containing the notice and five copies, and six copies of a white site notice. If the application refers to a site for which a valid application was submitted within the last six months the site notice must be yellow.

8) The appropriate planning fee, which currently is 65 Euros.

9) If relevant, Six copies of a site Suitability Report, completed on your local Council site suitability report form, detailing trial hole and percolation test results carried out within the last 12 months, by a suitably qualified and competent person holding adequate professional indemnity insurance. Also if relevant, Six copies of the treatment plant specification.

Please Note:

* Applications must be received within fourteen days of the date of publication of the newspaper notice.

* The application will be declared invalid if any documents are missing or if the site notice is not on site if the site is visited.

Depending on the type of permission, you should also include house design and plans and details on source of water and waste treatment system.

The above is a guideline and should be confirmed with your qualified architect or engineer and the Local Planning Department.

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