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Wood Pellet Stoves

The old fashion traditional wood fire, everyone loves the idea of having a natural fire in their house. It looks nice, and it gives you heat and pleasure to look at it. However as nice as it is, open fires and old fashion stoves can be very polluting and inefficient as well as all the trouble of starting and cleaning the mess.

So what is the solution? The answer comes in modern wood pellet stoves which give you the warmth and comfort of natural wood fires but are highly efficient, clean and hassle free as they are totally automatic which means that it saves you the time and money.

Fuel for the stoves is made of dried, finely ground wood waste that is compressed into hard pellets about the diameter of a pencil and up to 2 cm (1 in.) in length. Once a full bag of pellets (which are in bags of 10 to 15 kg) are loaded into its hopper, a stove can run automatically for up to 24 hours as the pellets are slowly released into a small combustion chamber.

So a fire without the hassle of lighting as it comes with an automatic ignition which starts with the push of a button, a fire that is very easy to clean as the ash pan only needs to be cleaned once a month, and a fire that only need clean pellets as a fuel.

But how safe are they compared to the wood fire? Actually, they are very safe as most come with a number of safety features including measures against power failure and overheating problems. The other main safety feature is that these stoves ventilate only the warm air into the room and do not heat up themselves.

As if all the above feature was not enough to convince anyone thinking of having a new stove for their house, there is also something for the gadget lovers within us. There is a phone home remote control feature which allows you to use your mobile phone to call the control panel and asking it to start warming the house before you get there.

The cost of the stoves start from around €1200 and the cost of the pellet bags are between €2 to €4. Make sure that you purchase quality pellets to ensure a trouble free operation of your stove. Always see if the bag has the quality mark and complete fuel analysis printed on it.

Now remember that wood pellets are a renewable source of energy and they do not contribute to climate change, so do seriously consider them as part of the heating for your new house.

The average cost of pellets would be between €300 to €350 per 1000 kg.

Please Note: The videos above are just to give you some ideas and all the contents included may not relate to your individual project.