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Irish Association Of Self Builders

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Iaosb letter to Minister Kelly - Revoke or Revise S.I.9
19th Nov ember 2014
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Your Department recently invited submissions on DECLG strategy this month and many self builders responded. They are written not by lobbyists, professionals or advisors. They are ordinary people who see their dreams falling away due to the casual introduction of a reckless regulation that not only makes no sense, but is being defended by their political representatives.

We reiterate that the Self-builders of Ireland have been let down by the former Minister and your Department. In March 2015 CIRI is due to be put on a statutory footing. Do you want your political legacy to be one where you continued the mistakes of the former Minister and confirm the unfairness of S.I.9 on self builders who are no longer able to provide a home for their families? In most cases these are people who have children and are already struggling financially due to lack of jobs and extra charges and taxes brought in by your government.

We had hoped a new Minister would bring a new pair of eyes to the issue. Unfortunately we still await a response to our letter sent to you in September.

Again I would be grateful to you if you do not reply with false promises and politically correct answers like the ones we have had in the past two years from Mr Hogan, or oblique responses like the ones we have received from your Department.

BC(A)R SI.9 simply is not working. It needs to be revoked and comprehensively revised. We need a low cost system of independent inspections by Local Authorities like in the UK where self-building is not only tolerated but encouraged.

There are people who are waiting on a very long housing list in Ireland and in certain circumstances a house built by a self builder would leave a vacant house for someone else.

Many public representatives have built their own homes, and if not they know of someone who has or still intended to self-build. Many we have talked to are against the impacts of S.I.9. We will be appealing again to these people, our elected representatives, to hear the voices of self builders now and thousands of others who are planning to build their own homes in the future. We will ask them to stand up for the right of the Irish people who have been treated unfairly by this new regulation.

“ Human rights are not only violated by terrorism, repression or assassination, but also by unfair economic structures that creates huge inequalities.” Pope Francis.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,

Shane McCloud

Irish Association of Self Builder