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Water Supply Source Mains Water Water Grants

A well has to be bored in areas where there is no access to the mains water. This is a specialist job and there is only a few companies in Ireland that can do this for you.

Depending on the depth that they have to go down, this could cost you anything between 2000 to 6000 Euro’s.

In some circumstances, it is possible to get a grant for a well from your local council but there are conditions attached and you need to find out exactly what they are before any commitments.

In most cases, you are not able to qualify for this grant for just one individual house but if the well is to supply two or more houses, you might be entitled to up to 80% of the cost.

Before you purchase a site, you need to do your homework and visit your local council to find out the availability of the mains water and if there is any help with grants.

Always use a reputable company to do the well for you.

Borehole Well