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Reply from SCSI Re: SCSI members and S.I.9 of 2014

2nd February 2015

Dear Mr. McCloud,

Thank you for your correspondence in relation to the S.I.9 of the Building Control

(Amendment) Regulations.

The SCSI welcomes the new Building Regulations in general as they will improve building standards in the industry. We also recognise that the new Statutory

Instrument (S.I) applies additional obligations on the owners of self-builds where direct labour is chosen for construction.

However, it is not the Society’s role to advise members on what projects to work on and it is up to each SCSI member acting as Assigned Certifiers to decide whether to accept an appointment in a self-build situation.

Building Surveyors, like their architectural and engineering colleagues must assess each potential client on a case by case basis and critically determine the competence, capacity and willingness of each "self builder" in relation to the risks associated with constructing the dwelling, extension or works in accordance with the Building Control Regulations and Building Regulations.

Ultimately, it is a commercial decision for each Building Surveyor to make and not for the Society to determine.


Andrew Ramsey


Andrew Ramsay


SCSI Building Surveying Professional Group

Iaosb Letter to SCSI sent on 23rd of January 2015