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BUILDING CONTROL (AMENDMENT) (No. 2) Regulation SI 105 2014

There appears to be another Amendment to the Building Control called S.I 105 of 2014. We were hoping that with this new Amendment the Minister for Environment would have a look at the points that were raised by us and corrected the problems with S.I 9.

However, it seems that the only projects that are going to benefit from these changes are the Schools and Hospitals. We will need to get further clarification on this but it is as follows:

S.I. No. 105 of 2014.


These Regulations provide for alternative but equivalent means of complying with the requirements under the Building Control Regulations 1997 to 2014 to assign a person to inspect and certify the works (the Assigned Certifier) in line with a plan lodged at commencement and implemented during construction.

The alternative means of compliance applies to a limited range of public and privately owned buildings classified as first, second or third level places of education, hospitals or primary care centres.

The alternative means of compliance applies only to projects subject to each of the following circumstances:—

(i) planning permission, where applicable, has been obtained before 1 March, 2014;obtained before 1 March, 2014;

(ii) contract documents have been signed before 1 November, 2014; and

(iii) a valid commencement notice has been lodged with the building control authority no later than 1 March, 2015.

These Regulations also clarify that such fee as is required under Part V of the Regulations in respect of Article 9 applies to all commencement notices.

If the above are the only changes made to the Amendment S.I 9, then Minister once again you are not listening to the people that are trying to tell you that the Amendment S.I 9 of 2014 would not work and needs to be changed.

S.I. No. 105 of 2014.