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1- Finding A Site 2- Ground Condition 3- Designing Your Home 4- Planning Permission 5- Finding Contractors 6- Site Clearance 7- Foundations
8- Base Structure 9- Drains & Pipes 10- DPC & Radon 11- Ground Floor 12- Wall Structure 13- Cills & Lintels 14- Second Floor
22- Second Fixes 23- Snag List 24- Decorating 25- Moving Water Connection ESB Connection Eircom Connection
15- Roof Structure 16- Chasing 17- Doors & Windows 18- External Wall Finishes 19- First Fixes 20- Interior Joinery 21- Interior Plastering

Snag List

The snag list is the list of the things that you are not happy with when the project is finished.

What you have to do is to go around the house and make a list of all the things that have not been completed, do not look right or are not done according to the plans and the regulations.

At this point you will hand in the list to your building contractor or project manager and ask them to make sure that everything is put right.

Remember, you should not make the final payment until all the jobs have finished to your satisfaction.

If you want this job done properly, there are specialist snag professionals that will check the work for you and give you a full report on any problems found.